Gabriel Ramírez Aznar

Born on the 4th of January 1938 in Merida, Yucatan.

Ramirez arrived to Mexico City at the age of 17, where he lived until 1975. He started painting in 1959 and launches his first exhibition in 1965 in Juan Martin’s gallery (http://www.galeriajuanmartin.com/). On the same year he takes part in the IV Youth Competition in Paris, France. Three years later he becomes founder of Salon Independiente in Mexico City (organization that would both generate collective, experimental projects and strengthen resistance against the established order.) He has also taken part in more than 50 individual expositions and more than 80 collective expositions. In parallel to painting, Ramirez is also a writer and cinema critic.


  • International Dibuix (Drawing) Prize “Joan Miro” (1972 & 1975 in Barcelona, Spain)
  • Yucatan Medal (1986)
  • Grant from FONCA (National Fund for Culture and Arts) for the creative arts (1989 & 1999)
  • Literary Prize “Antonio Mediz Bolio” (1997)
  • Medal for Artistic Merit from Yucatan’s Institute of Culture

His work is part of collections and exhibitions globally, from which some are: Bezabel’s Museum (Jerusalem, Israel), House of the Americas (La Habana, Cuba), Solidarity’s Museum Salvador Allende (Santiago, Chile), Revolution’s Museum (Managua, Nicaragua) and many other prominent Mexican museums.

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