IZEL comes from Nahuatl, the ancient language of the Aztecs (the native people of pre-conquest Mexico) and it translates as “unique”. IZEL ART, therefore, means “unique art”. And given that the origin of the word IZEL comes from our Mesoamerican ancestors, IZEL ART embraces arts and crafts from the people of the region today. The logo is derived from Cuauhtemoc’s plume (see the picture on the left). He was the last ruler of Tenochtitlan, the metropolis of the Aztec empire, when it was being besieged by the Spanish in 1520 AD.

It is the initiative of two Mexicans (Sid & Omar) who met in the UK, which has given rise to this venture with the following mission:
IZEL ART aims to showcase and sell a selection of Latinamerican works of famous, as well as up and coming, painters and hand made crafts, with the intention to export our folkloric culture and support those hard-working painters and artisans back home.